Astrid #3

Another very artistic piece from Astrid. What do you think it resembles? What are the two figures doing, you think? ­čÖé Feel free to subscribe and share this painting with your fellow art lovers! … and have a nice day ­čśë

Astrid #2

Good morning from Denmark! Today we have yet another beautiful painting from Astrid. It’s incredibly┬áhypnotizing to stare at… What do you think? Have a nice day! ­čÖé

Astrid #1

This impressive piece is the work of Astrid. It resonates quite deeply┬áwith my own feelings when I get choked up in all of the bureaucracy and confusedness of the modern world we live in.. It’s called Urtidsbr├Şl, or Primal Roar in English. How does it make you feel? ­čÖé