Freja #3

This adorable piece from Freja just gets me every time. It’s like a yin/yang symbiosis, but with a hint of rustic reality.. It makes me feel like love can be both hard and beautiful. What do you think? 🙂 I hope you like it. … have a nice day!

Sigrid #5

It’s been half a week since I have posted anything, and to compensate you have here four delicious pieces from Sigrid’s sketchbook! My favorite is the cat-like lady drawn with a pen, but they’re all very special in their own way, I think – which on(es) resonate with you? Comment below and throw a like, share with…

Freja #2

What do you think of this one? I like how, if you gaze into its eyes, it feels like it stares right back at ya! And the whole color play between the eyes (yes I know black is not a color;) and the mouth is very hypnotizing. Comment below and throw a like, share with…

Sigrid #4

Another one of Sigrid’s wonderful pieces. You can almost taste the strawberries 😀 What do you think? Feel free to comment, share & subscribe! … and have a nice day 😉

Astrid #3

Another very artistic piece from Astrid. What do you think it resembles? What are the two figures doing, you think? 🙂 Feel free to subscribe and share this painting with your fellow art lovers! … and have a nice day 😉

Freja #1

With this wonderful painting we celebrate one week of minor success sfor Canvasi as well as the entry of Freja! 🙂 Her art is at the same time both very simplistic but incredibly strong, I think. Do you like this piece? Feel free to like, comment & share it with your fellow art-admirers out there 🙂…

Sigrid #3

This enchanting lady is another old drawing from Sigrid. I have know this piece for a few year now, and I still get captivated when I glance at it for even just a moment. What do you guys think? 😀

Astrid #2

Good morning from Denmark! Today we have yet another beautiful painting from Astrid. It’s incredibly hypnotizing to stare at… What do you think? Have a nice day! 🙂

Sigrid #2

Another painting by Sigrid. It makes me feel like I’m alone in an icy cave or maybe some where solitary in my own thoughts. What do you think?